What is NZNWS?

NZNWS is a network to support women in security, the goal of this organisation is to bring together girls and women in security. This organisation is about bringing women in security together whether you are from college, academia, research or industry. This organisation is about sharing knowledge through mentorship, networking and experience.

NZNWS Purpose

  • As women are underrepresented in the tech sector, we believe to break that gap by increasing the number of women working in security
  • We believe in supporting all women and allies in the security field in NZ
  • We believe in working with partners that share similar values as ours
  • We believe in supporting partners, who would like to help attract, retain and develop women in security
  • We support initiatives that support equal opportunities for Māori and other minority groups in the NZ tech sector
  • We support initiatives that encourage young girls and wahine to pursue STEAM careers
  • We support women who are changing careers or upskilling to return to the tech sector
  • We encourage NZNWS members to be good role models and offer mentorship and support to new talent in the security field

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